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A journey through the history of Offcar: from wood-burning kitchens to international success

History of Offcar is conceptually linked to the firm founded by Domenico "Nei" Carraro, who specialized in the production of wood-burning oves for the families living in Campodarsego and in the surrounding villages during the 1920s

In the aftermath of WWII, with the involvement of his two sons Bruno and Daniele, the range of products was extended in order to include metal furnishings and gas burners for the domestic sector. As the crisis of home appliances shattered the Italian market at the end of the 1960s, the firm shifted its aims to the industrial sector.

Offcar The Great Cooking was born in 1980, and it was constituted by Bruno Carraro and his children, Carlo and Domenico. The firm is currently active in the production of restaurant machineries and equipment, and its business offer is based on versatile modular solutions, which can adapt to and satisfy each customer's specific request. Few years after its foundation, the firm already possessed a network of Italian and European dealers, and it managed to penetrate extra-european markets such as those in the Middle East, North Africa and U.S, totalizing more than 50% of exports on the total sales volume.

Nowadays, the business keeps its tradition with the entry of Alessia, Silvia, and Filippo: the fourth generation of the Carraro's family, They managed to renew the firm by bringing attention to contemporary issues, such as technological innovation, marketing and the general quality.


"Equipment and machines are nothing but lifeless objects. You cannot create the magic without human flesh"

Nei Domenico Carraro

Our Mission is to conceive and create professional cookers that can be recognized and appreciated on the basis of design and functionality, as we aim to represent the Made In Italy by unifying innovation and tradition.
In order to pursue this goal, our organization decided to invest in Research and Development: we seek to innovate and improve the global performance of the product, most importantly the simplification of the maintenance and cleaning procedures and the ease of use.

All of this can be made thanks to the expertise of our staff in the fields of planning, production, installation and setup, and post-sales services, and to the direct experience in the restaurant sector. As a matter of fact, we strongly believe that knowledge comes from the hands of those who learnt by doing and, as such, it is a part of the organizational culture each individual contributes to.

Currently, our organization accounts for approximately 30 employees: some of them have been working with us for more than twenty years, some others are children of former employees. Such a long term relationship could only be made possible thanks to a culture of mutual respect and to the efforts made to pursue our common objectives.


Here at Offcar, our key strength is the ability to satisfy both our Italian and foreign customers' demands by offering a wide range of products and a turnkey service that includes tailored projects and customized equipment. Moreover, we possess the ability to devise a complete idea of layout, which always allowed us to put the project into a specific context. In fact, Offcar is one of the few firms in the restaurant industry which does not think in terms of the single product, but plans according to the family product and the completeness of the main offer.

In order to cope with the global crisis and the growing foreign competition, many Italian firms opted to merge with big Italian and foreign industrial conglomerates for the purpose of differentiating their offer and increasing their financial stability.
Offcar, on the other hand, strong from its family tradition and the Made in Italy quality of its products, decided to aim at the customers’ satisfaction in terms of product quality and reliability, and service flexibilty, customization and speed.


Our goals for the foreseeable future of Offcar include the improvement of both product and processual performance, and the increase in the satisfaction level of our customers, suppliers, and staff, knowing that the enhancement of our main resources is the key to obtaining positive entrepreneurial results. 

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