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Culinary trends: steam cooking

Why choose steaming: among the current cooking trends, methods that use steam to cook food are undoubtedly in the spotlight. This technique derives from oriental and ethnic cuisine, especially the Chinese and Tibetan, and now it enjoys great popularity thanks to its healthy value.

In fact, more and more people are intrigued by steam cooking, either because they are passionate about ethnic cuisine, or because they are looking for particularly light food. Therefore, this cooking method is now found frequently in restaurants and bars, as a chance of eating healthy and light.

Steam cooking, in fact, allows to:

• cook food without adding fat
• keep the flavors unaltered
• avoid the dispersion of nutritional components, vitamins and minerals

Besides, food tends to maintain a much richer, full-bodied and natural flavor. Another advantage of steam cooking is not adding fat to food, enabling the preparation of light dishes with low calories.

This trend has not escaped the experts of the field and has opened up new possibilities for economic growth thanks to the development of different forms of business, from restaurants to equipment specifically designed for fusion cuisine, such as the Dragone Offcar Line.


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