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Cucco Restaurant welcomes Offcar inside its kitchen!


Since some years, we have been working on a great project in Turin, Italy. We are going to show you the kitchen we made for Cucco Restaurant, an amazing restaurant that is located in Piemonte, among Torino and its beautiful green hills.


Cucco is a real elegant place!

The two dynamic owners of the Cucco restaurant, Marek Kempa and Liu Xiaoyan, opened it in July 2019.

The place is very refined and absolutely unusual: this really classy place is the result of an accurate study about the visual impact and a mixture of different cultural influences. These aspects reflect on the high-quality offer you can find in their menu.

Their seafood cuisine wins over both your brain and taste. There is a wide selection of raw seafood such as Percebes, oysters, sea urchin, and so on. However, there are also some evergreen dishes such as the traditional Italian Impepata di cozze, Spaghetti with mussels and bottarga, and other delicious food influenced by fusion cooking

The project – Offcar’s challenge

As soon as we faced the project, we understood that it was ambitious and rather challenging: the owners knew what they wanted! We needed to take advantage of the available space.  The staff must work in the best possible conditions in order to provide the top range service.

For this reason, we were more than resolute and we crafted our special kitchen. It was 70 cm wide, the perfect size according to the available space inside the restaurant.

We installed our Pasta Cooker (a clean basin without any kind of heaters inside it) and our Cooking Stove. Moreover, we were asked to add a customized element. Therefore, we installed another small basin that was made to drain the pasta and to make easier the work inside the kitchen. Even in this case, everything was tailored. That’s why we think it’s really important to listen to our clients and to understand their requirements.

Let’s interview the client!

Before starting the production of the kitchen, we payed attention to all architects, chefs and owners’ requirements. Now it’s the time to speak again with the owners and find out their experience with Offcar. Here you can read all the details about our phone call with Mr. Marek Kempa, the person who manages the Cucco restaurant with Mrs. Liu Xiaoyan.

Mr. Kempa, could you tell us more about your experience with Offcar?

Sure! We opened our restaurant last year in July. We wanted a kitchen that could be cozy for all the members of our staff. We wanted a place that could let them working in the best way: where they could not hinder or disturb each other. At the same time, we must face the small available space we had. So, we decided to buy an Offcar tailored kitchen, the brand that from the very first beginning took care of our requirements. In addition, we wanted an open-plan kitchen, so it needed to be very easy to clean!


If you could go back in time, would you choose Offcar again?

Sure! I am very satisfied with the result. The visual impact is amazing and the kitchen has excellent performance specs. I really like it! Although we opened less than 7 months ago, we got excellent results. We will expect a very positive future.


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