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Our history



“OFFCAR, OFFicine CARraro” ideally recalls the company founded in the 1920s by the founder “Nei” Domenico Carraro. His low-cost wood-fired cookers were passionately welcomed by the families living in Campodarsego and the neighboring towns for many years as they substituted the old, expensive and smoky fireplaces.


After the Second World War, the production was expanded to include electric appliances such as metal furniture and gas cookers. When Nei’s sons, Bruno and Daniele, joined the company, it was renamed “IMPERIA”, with as many as 40 employees in the 1950s.


In the late ‘60s, with the great crisis that hit this market, “domestic” production was abandoned and substituted by the production of industrial cookers.


“Offcar the Great cooking srl”, a brand by Officine Carraro, was founded in 1980 by Bruno Carraro and his two sons Carlo and Domenico and it creates professional catering equipment. The company produces adaptable modular solutions, which could easily satisfy all the specific needs of the customer. The company has about thirty employees and an Italian and European distribution network.


The openings to non-European markets such as Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and America encouraged the company to invest in research and development. The aim was to innovate and improve the product, and at the same time to simplify its maintenance and usage. The certification of quality , in accordance with existing law, made the product reliable and appreciated.


OFFCAR THE GREAT COOKING increases the number of its foreign affiliates reaching the Middle and Far East with a percentage of export over 50%. The handcrafted work mixed with industrial production makes every single project unique, with the same passion of the past. Tradition and continuity are guaranteed by the family Carraro who leads the company, generation after generation.


By the rapid market evolution due to  COVID19 pandemic and the generational turnover, Offcar undertakes a change aimed to developing as much as possible the technological profile of its products. Under #YIM born the new brand philosophy Young Innovative Mentality to design  solutions where technology allows to support production processes.


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Via Antoniana, 89
35011 Campodarsego (PD) Italy
Tel.+39 049 9203511
Fax +39 049 9203551/61

P.IVA 03358450280

[email protected]

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