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HostMilano 2021, a new smart era


HostMilano 2021, a new smart era. Distinguish your choices.

Host Milano2021, the world exhibition dedicated to the catering and hospitality sector, was the opportunity to communicate to the world our smart, efficient, green ideas… intelligent solutions capable to making a difference in todays and tomorrow professional kitchens.

We chose to do it with an unconventional look… Our stand was a real explosion of colors!

The BLUE colour meaning infinity has been assigned to Linda, the custom cooking block with infinite manufacturing and finishing solutions without compromise performance and ease of use and maintenance typical of standard modular solutions.

From a symbolic point of view, LIME colour indicates overcoming problems… exactly what our Superfry4.0 fryer allows to do thanks to its intelligent combined management system of recipes, time and temperature! From 2022 it will be available in the full optional Superfry4.0 S.700 version (automatic basket lift, integrated oil filtering, WIFI access for remote control and stock programming) or in standard one.

FUCHSIA colour means optimism, is the decision’s colour! Hydrovario4.0, the latest patented Offcar innovation, was immersed in this splendid colour, in order to transmit positivity of the project and, consequently, the possibility of "deciding" how to use it. Hydrovario4.0 through water element, allows you to manage 5 different cooking modes (boiling, holding, steam cooking, sous-vide, regeneration) by ensuring efficient use of the equipment during the day but also during the night when the kitchen is closed thus optimizing resources and time.

Through dedicated product focuses, we will give you more details of the above innovations described above which will be available starting from May 2022.

We remind you that ALL OFFCAR4.0 PRODUCTS allow you to improve production processes, limit the margins of error and consequently to reduce costs!


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