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Food cost, how can we manage it?


The success of a restaurant business also passes through the correct food cost calculation. Especially in a period like the one we are experiencing, it is essential for managers to know the costs of dishes that are offered to customers in order to avoid waste and optimize their profit margins.

What is Food Cost?

Food Cost is a percentage value that is obtained from the ratio between the cost of the raw materials used in the preparation of a dish and the selling price of the same: Food Cost = (Cost of the dish/Selling price) x 100

Theoretical food cost and final food cost

Another fundamental concept to know to optimize your work is the distinction between theoretical cost and final cost: the theoretical cost considers which ingredients and in what quantities are used in the individual dish, while the final cost calculates the actual cost of the dish, also taking into account other factors such as construction time, personnel cost, energy used and calculation of any deviations, etc.

Knowing the cost of the ingredients is not enough, since the variables that are less easy to control are precisely those not directly attributable to raw material.

How Offcar help you?

With reference to the correct management of the Food Cost,  Offcar, through the use of innovative technologies applied to its products, is able to:

• REDUCE FOOD COST, through energy efficiency;

• CONTROL FOOD COST, thanks to supervision even remotely;

• FORESEE FOOD COST; through operations repeatability and standardization

Our SuperFry4.0 fryer, thanks to Cooking Core control system and its high automation, allows you to improve production processes, limiting the margins of error and consequently costs.

SuperFry 4.0, the most efficient fryer on the market

SuperFry 4.0, with the connection via integrated Wi-Fi and our Cloud, it is possible to monitor the operation and performance of the machine even remotely.

The use of these innovative technologies allows our customers to improve their production process, limiting the margins of error and consequently containing the costs.

Also, the Combustion system “PREMIX” with automatic modulation of the power during start-up and reaching the set-point temperature, SuperFry 4.0 is in fact designed to be the most efficient fryer on the market giving the maximum efficiency, with lower consumption and lower emissions allowing to save 30% of energy compared to other fryers with equal tank capacity.

Diners are becoming much more concerned with energy efficiency in all aspects of their lives, with one in ten listing it as the most important issue restaurants should be focussing on. As well as saving money on energy consumption, increasing efficiency can also help improve a restaurant’s reputation, leading to an increase in customer numbers and in turn, profits.

Offcar at your side with YIM

In order to be alongside restaurateurs, Offcar team in according to its Young Innovative Mentality (YIM) philosophy adopted an innovative approach which, through the use of all-round technology, aims to offer simple solutions to everyday problems: smart, efficient and green!

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