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Offcar wins Gold for SuperFry campaign at the C3 Awards


Offcar won the prestigious C3 Awards, known as the CommUnity Creative Challenge, winning the prestigious Gold award for Best Overall Campaign. This recognition celebrates the exceptional work carried out in promoting the new range of SuperFry fryers, an innovation destined to revolutionize the world of catering.

SuperFry: the new era of professional frying

At the center of the winning campaign is SuperFry, the first highly automated fryer that can also be controlled remotely. Thanks to its advanced technology, SuperFry offers high-level performance, reducing consumption and eliminating waste, without ever compromising on quality.


A complete and engaging campaign

The campaign involved various initiatives aimed at best presenting the features and advantages of SuperFry. Starting from a new dedicated website, it has been developed to offer users a complete experience, allowing them to explore the product features, book an Exclusive SuperFry Experience, i.e. to test SuperFry directly in their restaurant, and use a configurator to find the model best suited to your needs among the vast range of 36 models.


The video with a futuristic character

An innovative video, characterized by cosmic and futuristic storytelling, was created to present SuperFry in a compelling and emotional way. The video, with its visual and narrative impact, captured the public's attention, transmitting the image of a futuristic and revolutionary product.


Tutorials and personalized support

Offcar has provided its customers with a series of detailed video tutorials to guide them in using SuperFry, illustrating the different functions and ways of using the fryer: from turning it on to setting the recipes, up to filtering the oil. These tutorials have been made available on MyOffcar, a virtual space designed for Offcar customers and resellers. A real web app that allows us to share content and best support our partners.


Ambassadors of taste around the world

To kick off the launch of the new range of fryers, Offcar has collaborated with chef ambassadors, the SuperFry Chef Consultants, who are traveling the world to show the potential of SuperFry live. These expert figures allow restaurateurs to test innovation directly in the field, with their own restaurant's recipes.

The launch at the Host Milan fair

The official launch of the complete SuperFry range took place at the Host fair in Milan. The stand, with its captivating graphics and dynamic atmosphere, captured the attention of spectators, transporting them on a sensorial journey through the technology and aesthetics of SuperFry.

The video produced, characterized by explosive editing and engaging storytelling, aroused emotions and highlighted the revolutionary potential of the product. The teasing reels shared on social media further fueled the public's curiosity, anticipating SuperFry's big debut and generating strong interest from industry insiders and enthusiasts.

Pride and passion for innovation

Winning the Gold award for Best overall Campaign at the C3 Awards is recognition of Offcar's hard work and ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. We are proud of the results achieved and eager to continue to amaze the world of catering with our cutting-edge solutions.

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