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Offcar - Host 2019



The place to be: innovation tailored to business

The 41st edition of HOST Milan 2019, the world's leading reference exhibition for the future trends in the world of catering and professional hospitality, has just ended.

A very important occasion for Offcar, which presented all the latest innovations and technologies of the field in order to meet the most important judges: the salon audience, composed of: restaurant owners, distributors and entrepreneurs in the food world. We experienced these four days of total full immersion with enthusiasm and dedication.
Our entire team has been tirelessly engaged on several fronts, coordinated by a single fil rouge: a path of innovation in the three maxi areas dedicated to different aspects of professional catering.

The cooking unit, a unique piece 3 mm thick, combines high performance, solidity and possibility of customization, depending on the needs of the kitchen brigade.

The version exposed at the exhibition, already destined for a well-known Italian restaurant  https://www.ristorantedagiovanni.it/, stood out for an absolutely refined design. The steel in a scratch-resistant satin version meets the metallised ultramarine blue of the closing doors underlying. This customer’s choice initially surprised us too, but later it conquered everyone, even the visitors of our stand.

This single cooking unit is designed to accommodate different configurations to meet the client's ambitions. It features in detail a 2-door refrigerated compartment, a section dedicated to quality frying with electronic fryer and fat-free function, open fires for sautéing and some devices that fascinate lovers of contemporary cuisine. In particular the Roner and the low temperature oven attracted the attention of the Sous Vide cuisine followers.

The keyword associated with this composition is Cooking Art because in addition to high performance, those who deal with professional catering need a vocation that also involves creativity, as well as the technique.


Superfry 4.0

It was the most admired star of this edition of Host 2019. Our project had been launched for the first time during 2017, but this year we decided to present the smart 4.0 version! Thanks to the high technology, we inserted the wi-fi inside the device, so you can control remotely the fryer and you can store all the data related to its functionality within the cloud.

Speaking of advanced technology, in view of Host, we developed an artificial intelligence system that allows the machine to be operated through a fully-automated robotic arm. By setting the default program, the mechanical arm inserts the basket of chips into the oil, lifting it and emptying it after cooking.

The automatic filtering system, in just 4 minutes at the frying temperature, makes Superfry particularly green and eco-friendly, a very important topic for the actual situation.

Inside our stand it was possible to find out our workhorse too: Pasta Corner, is the high-performance pasta cooker with timed automatic basket lift system. This version has been equipped with the innovative cooktop made in glass-ceramic that includes ta super functional pan presence sensor that works with any kind of bottom. Now, innovation is all about the kitchen!


The performance found its maximum expression in this worktop fusion kitchen. This is Dragone, the cooking line dedicated to oriental cuisine.

Thanks to the new and efficient vertical flame wok burners, this kind of cooking becomes even easier and more dynamic. The line is completed with the versatile steam cooking ,where ravioli, bread, vegetables and legumes can be easily cooked in the special bamboo baskets.

Finally, the Teppanyaki plate, increasingly widespread also in our country, allows you to cook a wide variety of foods such as fish, meat and vegetables at very high temperatures and in a very short time.




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