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Offcar is a Specifi Platinum Partner!


From today designing and estimating your Offcar professional kitchen is even easier. Thanks to our partnership with Specifi, interior designers and designers from all over the world could create their customised project by a simple click. Let's find out together how!

Specifi is a global equipment specification platform which connects dealers, designers and manufacturers from all over the world. We have been working on this partnership for years and now we are glad to make it official. From now all those who will want to create their own project of a perfect kitchen on the Specifi platform, they could do it by choosing Offcar products too. Offcar brand is present in the foodservice market for about 25 years and it is the design mondial undisputed leader related to foodservice.

Getting closer and closer to our customers!

Thanks to the feedback given by our customers, we decided to join to the Specifi platform because we acknowledged how necessary was to simplify the design phase. The digital landscape offers many means to help the user to create his own kitchen and we wanted to choose the best one. The one with the most possible high-performance. Its information management system, such as drawings and tecnical/commercial data, enables you to carry out your projects and quotes easily and quickly. Compared to the use of traditional means, you can design your kitchen in half the time. If you think it is not enough, we add that it is possible to synchronise the 3D design to the quote module.

Not only Italy

We are an Italian brand and we are proud to be a Made in Italy bulwark. However, we do not forget that our customers come from all over the world. That's why we chose Specifi. The platform supports 5 different languages, multiple currencies and different units of measurement. We chose this tool and we decided to become a Platinum Partner for many reasons. What are you waiting for find yours?

Click on the following connection to request the Offcar library: https://libraries.specifiglobal.com/sp-libraries-no-header/



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