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Get ready for Carnival ... To fry in pastry

Carnival is approaching and is growing the demand in the professional pastry for a product that allows to fry in a uniform manner even the most delicate pastries or the large sized as donuts, krapfen and fritters.

OFFCAR offers a rich range of products Designed for Meeting the different needs and ensure high performance, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Gas or Electric fryers? Which one to choose

The choice of a professional fryer that best suits your needs is mainly influenced by the quantity and type of product to be fried. Other factors to consider are the frequency of use (and the consequent relationship with the energy consumption) and the type of oil used for frying.

  • The electric fryer heats the oil more quickly and more uniformly compared to a gas fryer, thanks to the serpentine heating elements located inside the cooking tank. This allows a better recovery time between cooking cycles and a lower heat dispersion; however the operating costs for energy are higher.
  • The gas fryer has a slightly lower yield than the electric one, but is more competitive in terms of operating costs; the gas burners are placed inside stainless steel tubes in the cooking tank.

We suggest you to contact your local dealer to find the product OFFCAR that best suits your needs.

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